The Easter Bunny, eggs, projects and more

My daughter is only two and she thinks the ‘easter bunny’ is about the coolest thing. I told her one night before bed that if she sleeps in a little (meaning she is not up before 6:00), the easter bunny might come to leave her a treat! It worked like a charm and now every morning she stays in bed a little longer and then gets up and runs to her art table to see if the easter bunny came. Not sure how long we can keep this one going? maybe all year? I just might because it is working to keep her from waking up at the crack of dawn and the excitement on her face is priceless!


Here is a few pictures from last nights egg party (please ignore the mess in the back, we have lots of projects out there too).

P1040229 P1040235 P1040227

It was so much fun to dye eggs this year. Last year we had fun but little z was too young to really understand what we were doing. This year she colored and dipped eggs like a pro! We only had one dye spill (not sure how to get pink dye out of a white shirt) and one broken eggs but totally worth it for almost 2 hours of entertainment.

And here is a look back at last years easter.

zoey 1946 zoey 1933 zoey 1925 zoey 1875P1020686P1020688



Amazing how fast they grow up. If I could, I would like to stop my baby from growing up but I have been told that it just keeps getting better!

And here is one final easter project. A paper mache egg that we may or may not fill with candy and knock down on easter.

P1040106 P1040107

Pretty simple and great project for little ones.

  • blow up a balloon (whatever size you like)
  • tie with ribbon or string
  • cut strips of newspaper
  • make a paste with equal parts water to flour (we ended up using just under 2 cups of flour and water each)
  • dip newspaper into paste and put allover balloon until it is covered.
  • let it dry and repeat with another layer of newspaper and paste.
  • allow egg to dry and then decorate with paint, tissue paper, ribbon…
  • You can pop the balloon and make a hole to insert candy/prizes if you wish but we have not gotten to that part yet.

P1040242 P1040243

Super cute project and fun decoration.



Do you dye eggs at your house?

Any special ideas or tricks for coloring? 

We always dye eggs…every year that I can remember and we usually always buy a kit to color with. This year we had one with gold paint that turned out pretty cool.



2 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny, eggs, projects and more

  1. Your little girl is so precious! It always puts a smile on my face & melts my heart when I see photos of little kids reactions to different parts of holidays. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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