I am back for another WIAW post. Here is a look at my Monday. After a crazy Easter weekend and lots of goodies…it was time to get back to my clean eating.

I woke up early to do a chest/back workout and take the dog for a quick spin before anyone else was out of bed. I showered and then whipped up smoothies for myself and the husband f.
protein smoothie

It had protein powder, strawberries, pineapple, mangos and banana. Very good and filling. F took his to work and I enjoyed mine while cuddling with my little z.

I had an appointment with the Dr that morning so we had to get out the door and take little z to her aunties house. The appointment lasted about 30 minutes and on my way to pick up the little one, I stopped at starbucks.


I ordered a skinny decaf latte. Warm and delicious!

We played at the park (heard it will start raining tomorrow) while it was nice and ran to the store before heading home for lunch.


I was starving for something healthy and filling so I made a warm salad with spinach, free-range chicken, onion, carrots and peppers all stir-fried and topped with an egg and parmesan cheese. Kinda a crazy combination but it worked!

We played all afternoon and met some of our best friends at another park. Little z has decided that she is too old for naps. Some days I make her take one anyways but today I allowed her to stay up. She is exhausted by bedtime and seems to sleep really good on these days but I am still not sure I am ready to give up naps. I think we should all take a nap forever!

Here is what we made for dinner.

cauliflower pizza P1040306

Cauliflower crust pizza with turkey pepperoni and whole milk mozzarella. Served with a side of roasted asparagus and parmesan cheese. I will post this winning recipe soon. Super easy and fun to make with your little ones.

Dessert of course

Skinny Cow

A skinny cow fudge pop to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Thank you Jenn for hosting WIAW. Please check our her site for more fun eats.


What do you order from the coffee shop? Always the same or do you mix it up?

Naps or no naps? What age did you kids stop napping?

I usually always order some kind of skinny latte but because I am trying to get pregnant I am trying to keep it decaf and no artificial sweeteners.

And I totally vote for naps!




I had so much fun sharing with you in last weeks WIAW post so I am here for round 2! Here is a look at my Tuesday eats.

I started my day with my Protein Pancake. It tastes so good that I find myself wanting to make one for every meal.


Next up was Chobani Mango yogurt. I opened it for my daughter but ended eating almost the whole thing. (Whoops)


For lunch I made a salad with apples, egg, carrots, strawberries, sunflower seeds, spinach and Annie’s dressing.


Snack time was a large apple and homemade cashew butter. Such a perfect combination!


Dinner was a taco salad with free range beef, spinach, lettuce, avocado, carrot and a side of scrambled farm fresh eggs. I topped it with plain Greek yogurt and salsa. It was very satisfying.


And dessert was a chocolate covered marshmallow. I like to keep them in the freezer and then they do not melt in your hands. Yum!


That is a wrap for today yesterday.

Thank you Jenn for hosting WIAW. Be sure to head over to her site for lots more.


Do you eat dessert after dinner?

What is your favorite?

I usually always crave something sweet and I think it tastes better if it comes out of the freezer. See you next time.