I am back for another WIAW post. Here is a look at my Monday. After a crazy Easter weekend and lots of goodies…it was time to get back to my clean eating.

I woke up early to do a chest/back workout and take the dog for a quick spin before anyone else was out of bed. I showered and then whipped up smoothies for myself and the husband f.
protein smoothie

It had protein powder, strawberries, pineapple, mangos and banana. Very good and filling. F took his to work and I enjoyed mine while cuddling with my little z.

I had an appointment with the Dr that morning so we had to get out the door and take little z to her aunties house. The appointment lasted about 30 minutes and on my way to pick up the little one, I stopped at starbucks.


I ordered a skinny decaf latte. Warm and delicious!

We played at the park (heard it will start raining tomorrow) while it was nice and ran to the store before heading home for lunch.


I was starving for something healthy and filling so I made a warm salad with spinach, free-range chicken, onion, carrots and peppers all stir-fried and topped with an egg and parmesan cheese. Kinda a crazy combination but it worked!

We played all afternoon and met some of our best friends at another park. Little z has decided that she is too old for naps. Some days I make her take one anyways but today I allowed her to stay up. She is exhausted by bedtime and seems to sleep really good on these days but I am still not sure I am ready to give up naps. I think we should all take a nap forever!

Here is what we made for dinner.

cauliflower pizza P1040306

Cauliflower crust pizza with turkey pepperoni and whole milk mozzarella. Served with a side of roasted asparagus and parmesan cheese. I will post this winning recipe soon. Super easy and fun to make with your little ones.

Dessert of course

Skinny Cow

A skinny cow fudge pop to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Thank you Jenn for hosting WIAW. Please check our her site for more fun eats.


What do you order from the coffee shop? Always the same or do you mix it up?

Naps or no naps? What age did you kids stop napping?

I usually always order some kind of skinny latte but because I am trying to get pregnant I am trying to keep it decaf and no artificial sweeteners.

And I totally vote for naps!



DIY Marshmallow PEEPS

My daughter loves Peeps. I on the other hand think they are great for projects….buy not so great for eating. I am not sure what is in there besides corn syrup, preservatives and dye. So, we decided to try making our own. First we make marshmallows and then we turn them into little chicks. Not as easy as it sounds but we did our best and had a lot of fun!

homemade peeps

I followed this recipe to make the marshmallow. Thank you Lauren! Before the marshmallow set, I put it into a ziplock bag and cut the corner (or use a pastry bag if you have one) to pipe the marshmallow into ‘peep like’ shapes. Marshmallow is very sticky so you will want to powder a baking pan with flour or sugar of your choice until it sets. We used colored sprinkles,  coconut and chocolate to decorate. We melted organic dark chocolate chips with a little creamed coconut and made dots for the eyes. Then we used the leftover chocolate to dip the extra marshmallow pieces. The chocolate covered marshmallows were the best ones by far! So good if you keep them in the freezer.

P1040175 P1040177

P1040182Homemade Chocolate covered marshmallows


Do you buy Peeps at easter time?

We always do but not because I am a big fan but just for tradition… Here is another fun Peep project for little ones.

 Happy Spring!


Grain Free Fudge Brownies


Happy Friday! I want to share with you some GRAIN FREE FUDGE BROWNIES. They are Paleo but I hate to use that word in the title. I think that the paleo diet is great and has its benefits but I am a firm believer that you should allow yourself all things in moderation. You will find that a lot of my recipes fit into the paleo category but I also allow dairy (especially cheese) into my life. These brownies turned out so good. They are fudgy and delicious…you may want to eat them all!


1 cup nut butter (I used 3/4 almond + 1/4 cashew)

3 farm fresh eggs

1 tbsp. vanilla

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1/3 cup cacao powder

1 tbsp. chai seeds

1 tsp  ground flaxseed

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp. honey (more if you like sweeter)

2 tbsp. melted coconut oil


Mix nut butter, eggs and vanilla until combined. Add protein powder, cacao powder, chai seeds, flaxseeds and baking soda. Mix until smooth and thick. Melt coconut butter with honey and add to brownie mixture. Pour into greased baking dish. Bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes. I like my brownies on the fudgy side so I took them out at 15 minutes and allowed them to cool in the fridge. Once cooled, it helps to slice with a plastic knife. SOOO YUMMY, ENJOY!

Grain Free Fudge Brownies P1040092

Question of the day:

Are you following the Paleo Diet? Why or why not?


Grain Free Banana Chocolate Protein Muffins and a workout

Today I woke up early to sneak in a workout before everyone else was out of bed. I always feel so good to get sweaty first thing. My workout consisted of 30 minutes on the elliptical (with a magazine) and 15 minutes of weights. My weights today were lunges, squats, chest press, tricep press, pull-ups (assisted), dips (assisted), bicep curls, push-ups and lat-pull downs. I did 10-20 reps of each exercise and moved quickly from one to the next. It was a great workout, I felt good and sweaty but not too much. I am trying to keep my intensity down a bit for reasons that I will explain later. I took a quick shower and was ready to snuggle with little Z when she woke up.

After our morning snuggles, little Z and I decided to make some muffins. Sometimes we like to call them ‘cupcakes’ because then we can add frosting, sprinkles and a candle and pretend to have a party! These muffins are super moist and delicious with a hint of texture from the coconut shreds. They turn out very light and are easy to gobble up! It makes my heart sing as a mom when my little one eats one and asks for more. Full of protein and wholesome ingredients so eating two is no problem!

banana chocolate muffins

Grain Free Banana Chocolate Protein Muffins

2 ripe bananas (the riper the better)

1/4 cup honey (more or less to your liking)

1/2 cup natural almond butter (any nut butter would work)

1 tbsp. vanilla

2 farm fresh eggs

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 tbsp. chai seeds

1/2 tbsp. ground flaxseed

1 tbsp. shredded coconut

1 tsp baking soda

Mix bananas, honey, eggs, almond butter and vanilla. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Batter should be slightly runny. Pour into lined or greased muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes. Remove and let cool on a rack.

Tastes really yummy with almond or coconut butter. Great breakfast or snack to take with you on the run. Enjoy!

If you like this one then stay tuned… I hove lots of other muffin variations that I would love to share with you in future posts…


P1030845 Yum yum!